About us

We strive to be a boosting company worthy of your trust

Having been in the boosting industry for years, we understand all our customers’ needs and frustrations. Our team consists of only the most skilled and well-trained boosters. Our only priority is to get your boosting order done quickly, securely and without hassle.

Your account’s safety

Every booster on our roster is trained and instructed on using VPN software while playing on your account to ensure it’s integrity.

Your privacy

We make it a huge point to follow any and all instruction given to us by our customers. Your hero preferences, region, and even timeslots you want us to fulfil your order during.

Support and communication

Your order page is equipped with features to allow for easy communication with us. Or if you prefer, you can also contact us via our live chat and speak to one of our friendly support staff.

What is Apex Legends boosting and how does ranked boosting work?

Are you sick and tired of playing with squad mates who insta drop Skull Town and refuse to cooperate during your ranked games? What about players who don’t communicate and steal all your loot and kills? Solo queueing ranked in Apex Legends can be frustrating and a chore at times. This is why we provide our services for Apex Legends ranked boosting.

We understand that not many have the patience to grind out the ranked rewards, have no time or simply can’t deal with the stress of ranked queue in Apex Legends. We will help you by giving you a push in the right direction into the rank bracket where you can finally get some decent games going. If you like, we can even push you all the way to the top of the leaderboard, the prestigious Apex Predator rank. It’s up to you.

About our Apex Legends Ranked boost service

We guarantee to get you to your desired RP and rank when you use our service. If we fail to deliver, we’ll send you a refund no questions asked. If you want to be in Diamond, we’ll get you to Diamond. It’s as simple as that. We offer various add-ons to go with your boosting order. You can order with streaming and priority completion, for example. We will then set up a private stream for you to watch and also push your order to the top of the queue so it’s completed as fast as humanly possible. We recommend purchasing with these options so as to maximize the value of your boost.

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